Time Bandit Escape Room

Phoenix Mobile Escape Rooms

At Time Bandit Escape, we have mobile Escape Rooms that we bring to your event’s location. We have games for solo players all the way up to 96 players at once! Contact us today to make us part of your next event.

We are based in the Phoenix area but are available to travel anywhere. We have set up our games everywhere – Schools, Colleges, Libraries, Community Centers, City Parks, Convention Centers, Houses, Back Yards and more. We can also be part of community events like holiday parties, food truck nights, trade shows, music festivals or any other gatherings.

Thank you to everyone who joined us at Phoenix Fan Fusion this year!

Amelia Albright claims to have created a time machine and sent her beloved Quail, Quincy back in time. She’s SURE of it!!! The only problem is… She can’t seem to bring him back to prove it. Is her machine broken? Help her repair it and bring back Quincy before he stays lost in Time forever!

Duration: 20-25 minutes.

You are below deck aboard the infamous Red Skull pirate ship. Her scallywag crew are known for accumulating riches by using deception rather than violence. They are out plundering right now. Can your team find their hidden treasure before the they return? If you get caught you will all walk the plank!

Duration: 20-25 minutes.

You are at a beautiful Luau when suddenly all the little tiki children have gone missing! The goddess of weather has become very upset and begins to create bad weather. Can you work together to find and return all of her children before she destroys the island with her control over the weather?

Duration: 45-55 minutes.

A coven of witches and warlocks have protected their hidden lair with the ghosts of lost souls, hidden traps and dark spells. You must overcome these protections and infiltrate their lair. Once there, you must cast the spell that will banish them forever! Do it fast, lest they return and make you another one of their lost souls!

Duration: 20-25 minutes.

Did you know that Tesla made a smaller version of his famous tower at Wardenclyffe? He disabled it to keep it out of evil hands. But he left clues on how to repair it. Can your team sort out the clues and bring it back to life? His repairs MUST be completed within 60 minutes, so don’t waste any time!

Duration: 50-60 minutes.

Batter-Up! is a high energy, fast-paced single-player game that everyone can watch while you play! Once you step on the pitcher’s mound, you have exactly 2 minutes to complete 2 tasks. There’s no time to waste, but don’t step off the mound or your game will end immediately.
Game details change every game so you can play it over and over and compete for the fastest time!
Duration: 2 minutes.