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Pop-Up Mobile Escape Rooms.

We are available for corporate events, team building events, holiday parties, fairs, conventions, festivals, grad-nights, summer camps and more! Just about anywhere, inside or out.

We have set up at hotels, convention centers, grade school, high school and college campuses, churches and homes. Attendance has ranged from ten to several thousand. No event  is too big or too small.

Our games are adjustable in length and in detail to accommodate your needs and budget. Contact us today to discuss your upcoming event!

We are constantly creating and planning  more themes.

We currently have the following games available to play:

Captain’s Bounty

Captain Black is an old Sea Dog who has always saaid “Share and
share alike.” Well recent plunders have been very fruitful! But, you and
Your team suspect the captain has been keeping more than his fair share.
The last person to mention this out loud quickly walked the plank.
The crew won’t join your attempt at a mutiny without proof.
The captain is ashore in search of more rum. You must quickly locate his
hidden treasure or be forced to walk the plank. Hurry!

Adjustable duration from 25-60 minutes. Designed for 2-6 players. (8 max)